Episode 95: We Really Love Kanye

I’m not exactly certain, but Andrew, Bill, and Chris (WOAH EVERYONE…I just realized our initials are ABC for the first time) continue their conversation about Hip-Hop and Kanye


Episode 94: We Love You the Way Kanye Loves Kanye

This week, Bill, Chris and Andrew talk about a few different things, but then focus in mostly on Kanye West, “Black Excellence vs. White Mediocrity” and Hip-Hop music.


Episode 93: Billy Kelly Pt. 2: The Ballad of Billy Kelly

This week, we finish our conversation with the one and only Billy Kelly, whom you all met last week.


Episode 92: Billy Kelly Pt. 1

This week Chris, Bill, and Andrew are joined by new funny guy Billy Kelly. They guys met Billy Kelly at recent open mics and talk to him about starting to do comedy, and his history as a professional musician. It’s a real good one guys.


Episode 91: Let’s Get Fucktarted

It’s the start of season 3!!!!! We’ve been gone for a couple weeks, and for that we are deeply sorry. However, this week Chris, Bill, and Andrew are back to let you know what they’ve been up to in the brief hiatus.


Episode 90: 30 Minutes or Less Pt. Deux: You thought last week was a trainwreck?

Then strap in for this weeks!



Episode 89: 30 Minutes or Less

Merry Holidays everybody, and a Happy New Podcast. This week Chris, Bill, and Andrew do something a little different. They limit themselves to 30 minutes.