Episode 77: LeMaire Lee

This week Chris, Andrew, and Bill are joined by LeMaire Lee. Follow LeMaire on twitter @LemaireLee and listen to LeMaire’s podcast LeMaire Talks to the World.



Episode 76: Chris Gets an iPhone!

This weeks Andrew, Bill, and Chris are gathered to hear the tale of how Chris stopped being and Android fan boy, and started being a normal person.


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Episode 75: The Ballad of Chris and Karrah

It’s the episode you’ve all been waiting for. Finally you get to hear the story of Chris and Karrah. Are they the villains or heroes? You decide.


lonely bathroom

Episode 74: Yoko OhNo!

This weeks episode is a lot like last weeks episode, Karrah’s still here. Everyone is still wearing their new shirts, and domestic violence is still funny. It’s not guys. Except that it is.


Episode 73: Cash For Clunkers

This week’s episode has a great ass! Chris, Bill, and Andrew are joined by Chris’s girlfriend Karrah for the fairly regular episode of bullshit.



Episode 72: Medically Hot

This week, Nick Rehak is still in studio with Bill, Chris, and Andrew. Listen to this first time event, as Nick delivers a guest Why Is This A Thing. The plot is everlasting, the cast is star-studded, and the movie is “A Winter’s Tale.”



Episode 71: It’s a Film, Not a Movie, You Uncultured Swine!

This week, Chris, Andrew and Bill are once again joined by the wonderful, the beautiful, Nick Rehak. This week, the guys just talk about movies from beginning to end. At least this one stayed on track.