Episode 71: It’s a Film, Not a Movie, You Uncultured Swine!

This week, Chris, Andrew and Bill are once again joined by the wonderful, the beautiful, Nick Rehak. This week, the guys just talk about movies from beginning to end. At least this one stayed on track.



Episode 70: And We’re Live

This week Chris, Andrew and Bill are joined again by Nick Rehak. The episode starts slightly off the rails but gets back and quickly as the guys talk to Nick about how long he’s been doing comedy and his writing style.


Episode 69: Just the Riffs

This week, the guys are joined by Nick Rehak. They jump into recording without any real plans or topics and two large pizzas. This formula leads to a lot of riffing. Like almost entirely.


Episode 68: Dredd-ing People Knowing We Do Comedy

This week, Andrew, Chris, and Bill are joined again by Kevin Seibert, of the Portable Power Podcast. They start out talking about some random things and Dredd and then they get right into comedy. Andrew and Bill had a little too much drink but, damn, was it a good time.


Episode 67: Word to Your Mother

This week Special Guest Kevin Seibert, Co-Host of the Portable Power Podcast is back. The intent was to talk about comedy, but instead they talk about words, mostly. And Chris tells a story he’s told a hundred times before. Also, Bill and Chris say some offensive things but we can not stress enough that the comments were in jest. Neither men actually believe or agree with the horrible things said. You should know us better than that by now.

Don't mean to be creepy. I'm just sleepy

Episode 66: Post Title Redacted

This week, listen to the guys complain about their jobs with special guest Kevin Seibert of the Portable Power Podcast. They also talk about Magic (shocker, right?). Sorry for the episode being late. Chris was on vacation and is an irresponsible person. Also, Bill totally said Target first, right?

Restrain This

Episode 65: I’ll Show You Offensive! (And Then I Grab My Crotch)

This week, hear the guys finish the conversation they started last week. They tackle topics like prejudice, both cultural and personal, comedy some more at some point, politics, crime, and then somehow got back into Bill Maher and Religulous. It’s kind of all over the place. But that’s why you love us. And even we aren’t sure how we got here, really.